Why I blog

I’ve been developing software for some years and found that simple usually beats complicated and pragmatic choices beat dogmatic ones. In this blog, I want to share some useful pieces of code and ideas.

You’ll never see me use four layers of inheritance and eight projects where an interface and single projects would have done the job. I like keeping my code clean and clear. Short methods, good naming, good parameters. Some lambdas, but they go if it is not as clear as for/foreach loop or some other alternative.

I’ve seen a developer build a library to call a third-party library with eight classes being called between his entry point and that of the third-party library call. I know there were eight because I found that he had split some logic between eighth and fourth layers and was ending up in an infinite loop (of course this was production and we were paying for each call to the third-party web service). But, boy, was he proud of his abstractions.

I’ve seen people argue for an hour about a for vs a foreach loop, quoting some article or another and then going off writing an application that “proved” their choice is better. Neither of them even bothered to consider the IL, or that the application was a website where most of the page load times were due to animated gifs.

I also felt let down by blogs with incomplete (or open to interpretation) descriptions of problems or solutions, isolated code snippets absent using statements, no list of the libraries in use, and no example of how to call the snippet. Almost every post here has a fully working Visual Studio solution or C# project that you can download, build, and run.

So that’s what this blog is not about. I hope to show simple solutions to problems I am facing, some will have been asked and answered elsewhere, some, I think not.

And I’m sure I’ll look back on some posts and wonder why I did it that way, but when you’re in the thick of it trying to solve a problem with a deadline you sometimes lose sight of better solutions.

Bryan - August 2013

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