How to fix ‘No database providers are configured’ when scaffolding a controller in ASP.NET 5

If got this error when trying to scaffold a new controller (MVC and Web Api) for an ASP.NET 5 web app using Visual Studio 2015.

There was an error running the selected code generator:
'No database providers are configured. Configure a database provider by overriding OnConfiguring in your DbContext class or in the AddDbContext method when setting up services.'


MemeberContext was not part of the web application project, instead it was in a referenced class library. This was causing the problem.

To resolve it go to the Startup.cs file.

Inside the ConfigureServices(..) method add something like –

            .AddDbContext<MemberContext>(options =>

Of course you need to make sure your Data:DefaultConnection:ConnectionString is pointing to the right place.

Adding class libraries to an ASP.NET 5 web application

When adding a class library to an ASP.NET 5 application you might get an error like

“The following projects are not supported as references: – The project ClassLibrary1 has a target framework that is incompatible or has a version higher than the current project and cannot be referenced”

Project reference error

The cause is most likely that when you created the project ClassLibrary1 you selected “Class Library” as the type of project as shown here.

Class Library

Instead, you should have selected “Class Library (Package)”.
Class Library (Package)