GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 5 - Build a .NET Application and Upload to S3

In the previous post I used GitHub Actions and Pulumi to create an S3 bucket. This post shows how to build .Net 5 application and upload the zip to the S3 bucket.

GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 4 - Building an S3 bucket with Pulumi

With GitHub Actions, C#, and Pulumi it is easy to create an AWS S3 bucket, here's how.

C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 5 – Updating the Zip in S3 and Updating the Running Lambda, with Pulumi IaC

This post pulls together a few threads I've been working on - creation of lambda to run .NET, storing the zip in S3, and updating the .NET lambda when the zip in S3 is updated. This one took quite while to put together - the permissions, roles and policies were not obvious and I hope it will be of help to you.