Polly and Blazor, Part 3 - Dependency Injection

Using Polly with Blazor is simple, as I've shown in the previous two posts. In this I will define the Wait and Retry Policy in the `Startup`, add it to the service collection and use dependency injection to pass it into the Razor page.

Polly and Blazor, Part 2 – Using the Context

When using Blazor and Polly there are a few ways to pass data from Polly back to the UI, this example shows how to do this with the Polly Context.

Polly and Blazor, Part 1 - Simple Wait and Retry

A few weeks ago I gave a talk on Polly at Dotnetconf (you can [check it out here](, at the end I got many questions about using Polly with Blazor, I had never tried it, but assumed it would work. In this blog, part 1 of a few on Polly and Blazor, I'll show you how to get a simple retry mechanism up and working in a Blazor Server App. For now, I am not concerned with dependency injections, policy registries or anything other fancy things in this post, that will come later.

Indexing the Works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch – Part 4, Searching via Web API in .NET 5

This is part four of my four part series on indexing the works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch. In this I'll show how to use the Elasticsearch "low level client" to perform the search. Previously, I wrote a [blog showing how to use a HttpClient](/2020/09/getting-started-with-elasticsearch-part-2-searching-with-a-httpclient/) to perform the search using Json, and this works fine, but Steve Gordon suggested I try to the Elastic client as it supports things like connection pooling and still lets me use Json directly with Elasticsearch.

Entity Framework Core 3.1 Bug vs 2.2, Speed and Memory During Streaming

Full source code available here. A while ago I wrote a blog post about the advantages of streaming results from Entity Framework Core as opposed to materializing them inside a controller and the returning the results.

Getting Started with Elasticsearch, Part 2 - Searching with a HttpClient

Full source code available here. In the previous blog post I showed how to setup Elasticsearch, create and index and seed the index with some sample documents. That is not a lot of use without the ability to search it.

DynamoDb, Reading and Writing Data with .Net Core – Part 2

Full source code available here. A few weeks ago I posted about reading and writing data to DynamoDb. I gave instruction on how to get create tables on localstack and how to use the AWS Document Model approach.

DynamoDb, Reading and Writing Data with .Net Core - Part 1

Full source code available here. A few weeks ago I started playing with DynamoDb in a .NET application. I read through the AWS documentation but felt it was incomplete and a little out of date.

Dependency Inject a Service from Startup back to Program in .Net Core 3.1

Full source code available here. Over the past couple of years I wrote a few posts about Dependency Injection in .Net Core 2.1, and this week I received comments from a reader telling me that some of the changes in .

AutoMapper, ProjectTo() – Instance Version

Full source code available here. In my previous post I showed how to use the wonderful AutoMapper ProjectTo() feature, the demo code shown worked with AutoMapper up to v8.1.1. It looked like this –