Altering the ASP NET MVC model with an ActionFilter

Action filters are executed before and/or after the execution of an action method, they can be used to modify how an action executes or to perform a separate task, such as authorization or logging.

Skipping ActionFilters in ASP NET MVC

In the previous post I showed how you can use an action filter to execute code both before and after an action method and how to apply the filter globally.

Arguments model and action methods in ASP.NET MVC Part 2 - using Glimpse

In my previous post I discussed how values sent from the browser are bound to objects in the action methods of a controller. If binding is not working as expected you need to examine the html element names and the types you are binding to, I showed how the FormCollection can be of help in this regard.

Arguments model and action methods in ASP.NET MVC Part 1

Sending values from an MVC view to a controller works very well when you are binding back to the same model/viewmodel you populated the view with. But when you start trying to do something a little different, it’s not so obvious or straightforward.

ASP.MVC and Web Forms in one web application

I was recently asked to add an ASP.NET MVC 4 application to an existing Web Forms site. The ideal solution was to keep the code bases separate and the apps on a common domain.

Adaptive/dynamic page numbering in c#

If you need to show many results (tens, hundreds or thousands), in a paged manner, you won’t want to display links to all those pages. I looked online for some c# that would adapt the number of page links shown to with the number of pages returned, but found nothing.

Drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC

This post shows two methods of implementing drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC 4. The code for data access and the general layout of the application should not be considered suitable for anything other than pedagogical purposes.