Finding the Location of a Running Assembly in .Net

For many reasons you might want to know where a running assembly is located on your filesystem.

I had to do this once when I was compiling classes at runtime and had a dependency on EntityFramework. Another reason might be verifying which dll is actually being used in an application.

Here’s the simple method to perform the search –

    private string[] GetAssemblyLocation(string[] assemblyNames)
        string [] locations = new string[assemblyNames.Length];
        for (int loop = 0; loop <= assemblyNames.Length - 1; loop++)       
             locations[loop] = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies().Where(a => !a.IsDynamic && a.ManifestModule.Name == assemblyNames[loop]).Select(a => a.Location).FirstOrDefault();
        return locations;

And this is how you call it –

	string[] assemblyLocations = GetAssemblyLocation(new string[] { "System.Web.dll", "System.dll", "EntityFramework.dll" });

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